Put on a poncho this season! 

We have   many of the following styles in our store for you to try on- literally a poncho for every age and body type.  We are fully stocked with the Churchmouse, Blue Sky, and Gotham Poncho Patterns (and some others too!).

Each day this week, customers have walked in the shop asking if we have any good patterns for ponchos.  We are so delighted that many of you want to knit a poncho this fall!  They are   generally easy knitting with a variety of yummy yarns.  You can wear most ponchos two ways; seam on the shoulder, or in the front.  The staff loves to wear them because they are easy to work in, and keep us at the perfect temperature no matter the weather outside.  We do not have all of the yarns featured in these samples in our online store, but we have them fully stocked in our shop.  We have no problem taking orders over the phone (260.422.9276) for our long distance shoppers!     

The Cirrus poncho can be knit in a variety of yarn combinations for different effects, but we used what the pattern was written for:  Silk Cloud, and  Pebble  both from Shibui Yarns.  A soft glow emits from Silk Cloud while Pebble provides substantial drape.  This poncho is light as a feather, extremely soft, and the cowl  neck is optional.   A set of wide sleeves and cowl neck compliment the curved hem.  This pattern is a free PDF when you purchase Shibui yarns from us.  Humor Natalie and try this sample on!

Many of you knit the  Two Harbors poncho  last year in "Extra" yarn, and we still love the  Back Bay Poncho  that would look great knit in  Blue Sky Bulky Alpaca, or Rowan Brushed Fleece for a poncho with more drape.


Vicki knit up the  smaller size reversible ribbed poncho on the left in Shibui  Pebbleand  Dune  held together, and  Brenda knit  the larger size poncho in  Organik


This is the poncho that started it all for us here at Knitting off Broadway.  The  easy folded poncho  that has an optional cowl, and can be knit in a wide variety of yarns.  These are both Vicki's ponchos, one knit in Mountain Colors Mountain Goat, and the other is knit without the cowl with Blue Sky Melange 100% sport weight alpaca.  


We are thrilled that the Ivy Poncho pattern is finally available in an e-book!   This was knit using 6 skeins of Manos Wool Classica.  On the right is one of Natalie's favorite things Brenda has knit for herself- the  Gotham poncho  knit with 8 skeins ofCanopy Fingering.  


The original shop poncho sample  is knit with 6 balls of  Rowan Felted Tweed.  We also love it knit in  Acadia, or Shibui  Maai.  On the right is the  Smocked lace wrapwhich we have knit up with two skeins of  Manos Lace, but we would really love it knit with three skeins of  Pebble.  

A few NEW ponchos we are thinking about knitting... 

This Estonian inspired lace and cable  stitch just stands out knit in  Isager Alpaca II, and  Kidsilk haze  held together.  We also like how it can be worn with the seam down the side, or in the front for a different look.  On the right is a new Shibui pattern for 2016, knit in  Cima  and  Staccato  held together.  Boulevard  is a hybrid cape poncho with a slip-stitch pattern in a fabric that will move with you.

Natalie has been eyeing the  Veronika  pattern since she saw it knit up two years ago in Shibui  Pebble  and  Silk Cloud!  It would also look great knit in  Road to China Light.  The  everyday wrap  on the right can be knit with so many yarns but we think  Hedgehog Kidsilk Lace  would be fun, or  Shibui Staccato  would be elegant!  Did we mention that this poncho would be excellent for very new knitters?    

More to come soon- including fall classes like a beginner sweater class, an advanced Fair Isle yoke sweater class, and other events too!

Remember our regular store hours are Tuesday-Friday 11:00-5:00 and Saturday 11:00-3:00.  

Be like Beata (the creator of Hedgehog Fiber), let your knitting show through your bag!

We just got these "Invisible" HHF bags in!  Shop them here, and see her yarns we have in stock here!

Koigu Magique Cloak Knit-a-long!
Starting January 2017

We have this masterpiece in the store in the larger size for you to see, admire, and of course try on!  It will be here until mid August.  Why did we chose this stained glass cloak as a KAL?  So many of us have wanted to knit this for years, but starting it seems daunting, and finishing seems like a figment of the imagination.  However, when you break this project down over a years time, you need only knit 12 cubes a month which is totally doable!  Many customers have had much success knitting  the year long Fair Isle  blanket designed by  Marie Wallin, together we knitters can sure accomplish a lot!  

Coop Knits Volume I and II kits 

Warm up your needles, these little projects are great to knit in the summer heat, and will keep you warm this winter!  Natalie personally loves the drastic weather in NE Indiana because she really has a   need  to knit literally every type of garment and accessories!  Ranging from summer linens, and winter wools!  She has even been known to knit Fair Isle or other intricate accessories while sitting out in the sun!   Do you knit in unusual places?  If so share your story on our  Facebook page!  

Pictured above is our Toasty Kit option II- with enough yarn to knit: Bedale, North-Allerton, Aiskew hat OR mittens, Carthorpe, Ripon, Catterick,and Eppleby.  To see these patterns click  here

Pictured above is the yarn for Toasty Kit III where you will have enough yarn to knit exactly as shown in the book: Kettlesing, Low Laithe, and Birswith, and we think you will have enough yarn to knit other patterns too!  To look inside this book click  here.

Why are these Toasty collections so great for accessories?  Fair Isle, twisted stitches, and cables makes for toasty knits since warm air is trapped by the textured stitches, or by the floats from the stranded technique.  We like to keep the lighter color (or pop color) in our left hand so it lays on top of the other color making it stand out.  You know you are knitting Fair Isle correctly when your yarns are not tangled with each other.  Each ball should not interfere with the other as you knit.  Each hand is "assigned" a color for the entire project.  We will be offering both beginner, and advanced Fair Isle classes this fall (which will be soon!!).


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We now have a group on Ravelry!  What is Ravelry you ask?  It is a website for knitters, by knitters.  It's a great place to get inspiration, see what everyone is knitting, check for pattern errors or send/view questions to someone who has knitted a project already!  You do need to sign up, but it's free and worth it!  (http://www.ravelry.com)

Is it officially fall?

Guess so since the kids are back in school and everywhere you look there is pumpkin spice this and that...

The other morning Natalie thought she actually smelled fall in the air, and then today she noticed some leaves were falling!    Each new season is always an exciting time for knitters.  We get to look ahead to what's next in knitwear, AND we get to take out finished (or almost finished) projects for the new season ahead.  

It has been one of the busiest summers   ever  for Knitting off Broadway.  We are so thrilled that many of you have discovered the wonders of knitting with plant fibers, and just knitting in the summer!  We do have some great simple and fun projects that can be knit in a variety of wonderful yarns, mixing animal and plant fibers to create three season sweaters, or you can just use plant fibers for a unique look and feel too.  Sorry it has been a while since our last installment, but we were all busy knitting, and we know you are too!  New classes and new in-shop hosted KAL's will (hopefully) be announced in the next newsletter.  As always, if you see something you think would make a great class, please let us know.  

Recently Natalie completed a slew of projects that were all different than what she normally knits.  She knit different shapes, with different yarns, and learned some new techniques!  The simple details and fabulous yarns make these garments fun to knit, and easy to wear.  These sweaters are timeless yet modern, so if you don't get it done this season, there is always next year!  Natalie is still shocked that she has her fall knitwear wardrobe ready to go ahead of schedule.  

Two completed shop samples are designed by Lori Versaci from her new collection "Sisterhood".  The entire collection is so unique it was hard to decide which one to knit, so Natalie choose two... for now! 

Spellman  is a fisherman rib tunic with seed stitch and i-cord details knit in luscious 100% alpaca.  Natalie used 5 skeins of Shibui 100% Alpaca creating a smooth and uniform garment.  The photo on the right was knit in  Knightsbridge  which has a heathered look, and is more loosely spun yarn knitting into a less dense fabric.  

Moore  has enchanted many customers already.  They love the simple construction with a split back and i-cord edges, plus did we mention the yarn is amazing?  Natalie hasn't knit with  Road to China Light  in a few years, and after a few stitches, she was instantly hooked on the feel of this yarn making this simple sweater a real pleasure to knit.  


Beech Hill  has been on Natalie's knit list since she saw it advertised on the back of a magazine this past spring.  She had a great time knitting it, and thinks she will get to wear it often this fall.  It is knit with 7 skeins of  Acadia, and is a relaxing and relatively quick knit on a size 8 needle.


Earlier in the season, we decided to make some quick knit summer sweaters.  This morphed into so many quick and fun to knit projects in a variety of yarns.  We wanted to highlight some of our favorites here.  The possibles are quite endless!

Leonie  has become more addictive to knit than the  Modern Wrapper!  We love that the yarn combinations are endless, and that you can easily knit this in a week on size 11 needles with just 600 yards for the medium size.  Natalie and Vicki have both decided on having 4 of these sweaters- one for each season!  Here Natalie is wearing her "summer" version knit with 3 skeins of  Alchemy Silken Straw, and 3 skeins of  Shibui Linen.  Many of you have come in and loved her "spring" version knit in  Savannah  and  Shibui Linen.  She is finishing her "fall" version this weekend which is knit using three yarns held together: Shibui  Cima,Linen, and Isager  Tivinni.  Her mom just started the "winter" version knit with Shibui yarns; Maai  and  Staccato.

Helena  was another very simple knit with endless yarn possibilities.  You knit four rectangles and then seam them up (or pay Natalie to do your finishing she does not mind at all)!  Here is Natalie in her 2nd one knit with Alchemy Tweedy held with Shibui  Twig.  We think this would like great knit up in  Rain.    

Slice of linen  has been both  a staff and a customer favorite!  Donna and Tami have knit theirs in Shibui  Linen  held doubled, Natalie and Vicki have usedAlchemy Silk Purse, and Vicki just finished another one using  Cima  held withLinen!  For the Silk Purse version one skein each for the fronts, and two skeins of the same color for the back for the small and medium size.  For Shibui  Linen  held doubled, you need 2 each for each front, and 4 for the back.

Do you need something to knit using the new  Tosh Colors, or new  Fino Colors?  We do!
These are some ideas for single-ply yarn, and these projects would be nice to take on vacation!   
The Loop shawl  is a great excuse to use a crazy variegated such as  Beach Bonfire, without the finished shawl being too wild!  On the right is the  Kline Shawl  which is in the latest issue ofKnit.Wear  (we have plenty of copies in the store) and Natalie loves it in the colors as shown and she thinks she should knit on up in  Hedgehog Skinny Singles!


Exploration Station  is a fun way to play with color, as is the  Doodler .  Natalie knit the Doodler during a trip to TN this past November.

Cladonia   or  Imagine When   would be lovely with the sheen of silk from  Manos Fino.

We still have sweater quantities left in the newly discontinued  Organik by the Fibre Compan y
From Left to right, Forest, Painted Desert, Yellowstone, Desert Rose, Heather Moorland, and Holly Berry.

Natalie finished her  Maple Bay Cardigan  in Organik, and Ruth knit her  Rocky Coast  in Organik a few years ago and wears it often.

These adorable kits are suitable for the advanced beginner.  Each kit includes directions for knitting in the round, or back and forth.  These precious patterns are sold only in the kits.  

Collect them all!  We already have Emile in the store;  Natalie still needs to assemble her Marcel and Lisette!  Ruth is taking Hector with her on vacation!  What fun little friends!



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