Tosh merino light is in for all your fall knitting needs!  Come in and see the finished Ecken + Kanten which uses one ball of Tosh merino light, and one Crazy Zauberball.  Shop tosh light in our online store here.  All the Shades of Truth would be another great use for this "glazed" yarn.  To us, glazed lets the natural color of the yarn base shine through, which Madelinetosh does with all their yarns, but it shows through the most with single ply yarns. 

Take home some quick knitting with this tosh!  Their newest yarn is a 2-ply superwash chunky merino, and what fun to knit with the funky colors of tosh on large needles.  You can shop our selection in our online store here.  Try the Luxe Cowl using one skein, Drop Stitch cowl with two, or Seed Stitch Infinity cowl with three!


Ursa pictured above

  We're delighted to announce that Meadow  has returned to our store for fall knitting!  This is a luxurious, yet affordable 2-ply blend of merino, baby llama, silk and linen. The merino and llama provide softness and bounce, the silk sheen and drape and the linen a crisp hand and lovely stitch definition.  
Natalie finished Ursa (pictured above) last week and just loves how warm it is, and how soft!  Much softer knit up than on the hank!  You also will have quite a bit of yarn leftover which is great to use in other Meadow projects.  You could also use this yarn to make a modern wrapper , and you would only need two if you are on row gauge (plus a mohair or other lace weight to hold with it).  We also knit up  Cepa  pattern and have it on display, and it shocking how different it looks in different yarn, and with one less repeat than the original sample.  Now we are in love with the full wrap version too!

At 549 yards per 100 gram skein (for $28), Meadow is little bit heavier than typical laceweight, and perfect on a wide variety of needle sizes. To start the line off, there are 12 beautiful colors, many of them variations on familiar classics in the Fibre Company palette, and we have all of them in stock!  Click here to view the color range, we have plenty in stock both in our store, and in our online store!
We also have two new colors of Acadia! This is one of the squishiest yarns in our store and the staff can't wait to start knitting new projects out of this yarn but for now we only have the Groove shawlette knit up.  The Allium Collection  is fabulous and we will be happy to purchase the patterns for you through our in-store Ravelry sales.  Click here to read more about meadow!   


More fun unique yarns are here from:

  Slubby Blue is a fun thick and thin BFL yarn.  It looks like handspun, and is very soft!  Try it with some other yarns for a fun "Magic" three yarn scarf.
Salhanha Two is a 100% wool superwash laceweight yarn in fun and unexpected colors.  Get two skeins in contrasting colors to make the Stripe Study Shawl.
Trail Socks make sturdy socks and accessories try the fun Trillian scarf.
Sea Lace is simply stunning- try a Bias Loop with one skein.  
Sea Silk is an old favorite.  Use one skein to make a simple lace scarf.

Tussah Silk is a rustic, luxurious yarn- perfect for a summer sweater.
Swiss Silk is a high quality laceweight spun in Switzerland, one skein will make Clapo-Ktus!


Our latest yarn line!

  Naturally Soft Merino Yarn is made from 100% extra fine superwash Merino Wool.
It's incredibly soft feel makes it ideal for babies and young children.  The lovely twist on the yarn results in a knitted fabric has a great stitch definition and is very fun to knit with. Produced in Italy. 

New ITO yarn

We are very excited to offer you these yarns!  The color range is stunning, as are the different fibers.  

Introducing Kin Gin

Add instant glamour to your knitting with this cobweb weight yarn.  It adds subtle sparkle when held with another light weight yarn.

Introducing Kinu

Kinu is a 100% silk noil yarn, also called organic silk.  It is produced from the leftovers of spun filament silk. The different colored fibers are blended for this yarn, producing a  melange effect. Kinu is an all-purpose silk yarn - for sportive as well as for elegant wear. Knit it single or multi-stranded. 

Cepa is a chevron pattern suitable for an intermediate knitter.  We did one less repeat than the pattern stated because we wanted more of a scarf than a wrap.  We knit until we ran out of yarn, and we only used one skein each of the three colors.  To shop this yarn in our online store click here.

Natalie just finished Oshima  and was surprised how quickly this EASY sweater knit up!  Perhaps because there is no shaping, and the pattern has a handy chart to make knitting the stripes a breeze.  Did we mention you are knitting this on a size 5 needle since the yarn is held doubled?  We have a really great selection of colors, and most sizes need two cones of each color.  We have these patterns in the store, and the sweater in a medium.  

Introducing TETSU

Tetsu  connects silk with metal. A stainless steel filament twisted with mulberry silk adds "memory" to the knitted fabric.  This does not feel like you are  knitting with metal, and it adds body when held with other lace weight yarns.  To see our current selection click here.

 Natalie held a strand with a strand of mohair to keep the holes open on a shawl.  This shawl named Tattoo , knit up very quickly.

Zauberball is back!
 We have it in three different styles, 100% wool fingering weight, 100% wool crazy ball, and 100% wool crazy ball dk.

Hekla is customizable sweater inspired by the ever changing landscape of Iceland. The construction is simple and builds from a central panel that is essentially a striped scarf. The loose, airy sleeves are set off by garter saddles at the shoulders and a tidy elbow length cuff.  We have many Zauberballs to choose from, and the linen yarn comes only in 4 neutral colors.  To shop the linen in our online store click here.

Santa Fe Stole Kit- in the store!

I'm excited to share this new sweater with you, as it combines two of my favorite things;  a nice waterfall-front sweater  and classic pueblo stripes.  These kits are by Carol Sunday in her very own delicious yarns.  The kits are meant to be worn with plenty of positive ease (so if you normally knit for a 37" bust, you would want to knit either the small or medium kit, depending on how over-sized you like your sweaters.  The wide stripes are very slimming in the back.  The pattern is included in the kit.

Shop these kits in person or in our online store!  Natalie is wearing the colorway Primavera in the size 36"-40" or our size small.

Pattern includes:  Written instructions for all sizes, schematics, glossary.

Shown in High Country, Russett, Primavera, Earth & Sky, and Autumn.




These bags are Hobo style, and the front and back are embellished  with wonderful Sapa handwork.  No part of this fabric is printed, and no two bags are alike.  Each has a magnetic snap and four roomy pockets surround the inside compartment.  To shop these bags in our online store click here.  The new kits would fit perfectly in these bags!
Have you seen our Zig-Zag scarf by Marianne Isager knit in 4 skeins of Viscolin?  This scarf feels silky, and is a great summer project to have on your needles.  You do have to pay attention (not Zen knitting) but it is worth it!

This lovely shawlette is one of the many patterns in Botanical Knits II book which we have in the store.  It is also available as an e-book through Ravelry.

Meadow is back! 

Meadow is marvelous for summer knits.  We can't get enough of this yarn, and love all the new patterns for it! 

The latest from Interweave Knits, the Hay Bale tank.  Most sizes take just two skeins of Meadow, and we have plenty of copies of the magazine.  The yarn is held doubled on the back, and single on the front on a size 7 needle.  Natalie is half finished with the back which is a basic two- row lace pattern.  The front only took Natalie an evening of uninterrupted knitting (it goes fast on a size 7 needle).  She used her almost full leftover skein from URSA that she knit last summer. 

To view more details click here.  Natalie has enough yarn leftover to knit the small Typha cowl.  To shop this yarn click here.  We just got in our third shipment for the season, so we have enough for all your project needs.  Ursa calls for two skeins of two colors and one skein of one color, but Natalie did not use an entire skein, and hardly any of another skein, so you either can make this project larger, have leftover to make other projects, or simply buy 4 skeins instead of the recommended 5.  This shawl only uses three colors, and the variation is achieved through alternating which color will be dominant (the garter ridge) and which will fall to the back (the stockinette stitch section).  Natalie recommends not worrying about which color goes where because they all get blended- just choose colors you love!  

This is Natalie's shawl shown in Bergamot (red), prairie (gold), and black adder.

We still have room in some of our summer lace classes and the "Hitchhiker" class!  Click here for class details.  



Oblagon is a large wrap combining stocking and reverse stocking stitch, sections of lace and slanting lines of dropped stitches.  This project will take two skeins of Madelinetosh Praire on a size 6 needle.  To buy the pattern click here.  To shop yarn from us online click here.  This looks like a great summer project to us!  This project looks like it will have great drape, and a unique texture.
Once the pattern is established there are only small changes from section to section, which makes it easy to memorize each part and still offers variation along the way.

The rectangle shape makes it very versatile to wear different ways. - As a scarf it easily goes twice around the neck, or generously around the shoulders as a wrap.  

The gradient scarf is another great project to keep your hands busy while you relax.  We are really enamored by the blending effect that can be achieved by holding two lace weight strands together and you only need one skein each of three colors.  This is another laceweight project knit on worsted weight needles and we are so glad that this is a trend that has made laceweight yarns popular again!  Natalie is currently working on Samen by Stephen West and is having a great time mixing colors and fibers.  To purchase this pattern click here, and to check out our Manos lace click here.

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Private Lessons:
If you'd rather schedule private or small group lessons, please let us know. Our staff members knit, and would love to set up a class if you wish. Cost is $15 for a private thirty minute session (yarn and needles not included) to get you started. You may also want to consider knitting parties for yourselves or for your children.

Find part of our store online here !  We are working hard to have most of our store online!  We value your comments please let us know what we can do to make it a better shopping experience!  Email:

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Joining us for a weekend of knitting and crocheting:
Laura Ricketts Knitting Traditions Workshops
and Talk
Laura Ricketts is a knitter, knitwear designer, teacher and author, and, most recently a TV show host on  In the Loop with Laura . A history teacher by profession with a master's degree in education, she has combined that love for history, literature and textiles in her handcraft teaching. 

She was inspired after teaching and living among the nomadic peoples of Mongolia, and asked the question, What have the Sami contributed to Nordic Knitting? The answer has turned into a wonderful quest, and has blossomed into visits, friendships and wonderful knitwear. Her work has been featured in Interweave Press  PieceWork  magazine and  Knitting Traditions  as well as Baiki : The North-American Sami Journal . After an extensive visit to Sapmi, the Sami traditional homeland, last fall, she is in process of self-publishing  Beauties from the North : Swedish Sami , Norwegian Sami , Finnish Sami, antique Sami , and bridal Sami mitten patterns. She presented Sami Mittens at Finnfest 2014, the Nordic Knitting conference in Seattle and the Vesterheim Norwegian-American museum this fall, and she will be giving the same talk here to our knitters on Friday September 19th at the downtown Library from 6:00-8:00 P.M.  We will be serving pizza, water and soft drinks before the talk.  The talk is wonderful for knitters of all skill levels, and even non-knitters!  If you would just like to attend the talk we would love to have you, and the fee is $15.  The cut-off for her talk sign-up is Friday, September 12th.

Irish Rose Crochet Class
Sample of what you will be taught in the class in the store

Come make an Irish Crochet rose with Laura Ricketts, recent author of Irish Crochet Cuffs in July/August PieceWork magazin e. Get comfortable making a three dimensional flower out of Rowan cotton 4-ply or cotton glace which will make a great pin or hair accessory. Bring your own hooks in D-E.
Skill level: students should be able to chain, single, double and half-double crochet.
Materials: one ball of Rowan fingering weight cotton
This class will meet on Saturday, September 20th from 1:00-4:00 P.M.

Skolt Sami Motif Mitten Class
Sample in our store!

The Sami are Scandinavias only UN recognized indigenous people. This class will focus on the Skolt Sami, whose traditional homeland lies at the junction of Norway, Finland and Russia. Join us in knitting a sampler of symbolic, Skolt patterns as we examine their rich tradition in wool.  We will cover the slyngborder / leaning braid trim, the 4-strand rounded braid and tassel, and, potentially, the peasant thumb if all goes well.  You will go home with instructions for the miniature mitten as seen at Knitting Off Broadway.
Skill Level: Adventurous Beginner – Intermediate. Basic knitting skills (knit, purl) knitting in the round and stranding experience
Students bring: Blue Sky Sport weight in red, white, and blue.  Please use these colors, but they can be any shade.  Needles to achieve a gauge of 5sts/in.; we recommend either a US 4-5 needle. 

Homework: After swatching to get gauge, using main color cast on 40 sts in the round and knit or rib 1 in / 2.5 cm. Leave on the needles and bring to class.
This class will meet Saturday, September 20th from 9:00 A.M.- 1:00 P.M. 

Prices are as follows:
Both classes and the Friday night talk with pizza for $90
One class and the Friday night talk with pizza for $50
Friday night talk with pizza for $15

The fine print:
Patterns are included in the class fee.  We reserve the right to cancel the classes if we do not meet the minimum number of students by Friday the 12th of September.  
The classes are limited to 12 students.  The class fee is non-refundable unless we cancel the class. 

You may call and sign up over the phone 260.422.9276, or stop in to reserve your spot and pick up your supplies!  To read more about Laura click here!  She is also featured in the latest copy of Knitting Traditions which we have in our store.

Want to know if others are knitting what you are knitting?  Then check out the knitting community at  It is free to join, and well worth it!  You can search groups and projects.  See what all Natalie and the staff at Knitting Off Broadway have been knitting.  Natalie's user- name is knittily, Tami's is knittler, and don't forget to join the Knitting off Broadway group!

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